Voyage Estimator

ShipNet Voyage Estimator, an essential tool for the ship owner, ship operator, charterer, or cargo owner.

Part of the ShipNet Classic Chartering and Operations package, Voyage Estimator is a powerful tool allowing charterers and cargo owners to rapidly model different usage scenarios matching cargoes and vessels and help them make the right decisions in utilising their assets.

Voyage Estimator comes with a highly intuitive interface and in integrating customisable routing provided by the industry leading Netpas service. This gives users the flexibility to adapt voyage profiles to match how they work, and importantly take into account issues such as piracy and low emission zones.

Voyage Estimator integrates with your data sources to give you a powerful decision support tool.

Gain Insight into your Commercial Decisions

  • Rapidly model different cargo and vessel combinations, applying different usage scenarios and seeing likely commercial outcome
  • Quick estimates with multiple estimate stacking facility for easy evaluation/comparison plus the ability to move between quick and detailed/full estimate views
  • Group estimates and search across ones already built
  • Analyse projected financial performance of groups of estimates
  • Configurable bunker price retrieval with four methods supported including FIFO from ShipNet Operations Module
  • Alerting when a charterer has overdue invoices
  • TC IN estimates for vessels under hiring consideration
  • Ballast bonus cost and address commission for TC IN vessels and Reposition Port
  • See the full financial picture with the Continue Voyage and Tag Estimate functions, building consolidated results merging profitable voyages with potentially costly backhauls

Dynamic Distance Calculation

  • Integration with Netpas distances, allowing sophisticated map based route plotting
  • Manipulate routes and save them for future use
  • Drag and drop preset routes and individual waypoints
  • Take SECA low sulphur zones into account in bunker calculation
  • Navigate around piracy hotspots and conflict zones

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

  • Open vessels and potential cargoes listed based on user preferences and filtering
  • Drag and drop cargoes and vessels to quickly generate multiple estimates
  • Manipulate estimates, test scenarios with complete ability to undo entries
  • Minimise chances of data input error with field validations
  • Complete integration with full ShipNet suite
  • Compare different estimates side by side

ShipNet Voyage Estimator, giving you the confidence to make the right Chartering decisions for the right reasons.