Technical Management Systems

The ShipNet Technical Management Solution gives users complete control over their ship management tasks, prioritising ease-of-use, maintenance, and scalabality. For Fleet Managers it provides a single view reporting performance across all areas of vessel performance in real time. This is based on a comprehensive shipboard package allowing the Chief Engineer or Master to link the management of core performance areas.

ShipNet Technical Management comprises eight core modules, covering Occurrences, Forms, Documents, Risks, Certificates, Planned Maintenance, Requisitions, and Crewing.

Occurrence Management

ShipNet's Occurrence Management Solution enables our customers to be 100% compliant with safety reporting, regulations and requirements.

The solution provides a workflow enabled event reporting mechanism, which efficiently allows for the capture, analysis,response, and fleet distribution of safety related incidents preventive and corrective actions.

The solution comprises on 4 specific Occurrence software elements; Occurrence Event, Directive Event, Workflow, and Lists and utilises the systems wide components; Links, Forms, Reports, Alerts and Filing Cabinet

Configuration allows the customer todefine each event, its workflow and behaviour, down to the availability ornaming of tabs, fields and access to any component. All configuration are 100% replicated, meaning that the shore has the ability to reconfigure the vesselbase solution remotely.