Task Manager

Never miss a critical process step again.

The ShipNet Chartering and Operations package now supports users in controlling how operational processes are performed. The Task Manager gives you the ability to associate key tasks with individual voyages, ensuring the correct process is followed at all times and gives managers visibility of how jobs are being performed.

Task Manager gives you control over your workflow and ensures busy multitasking staff are able to operate at their most efficient level.

 Customisable Task Lists

  • Task Manager allows you to populate your system with standard tasks typically associated with a voyage
  • Complete freedom to customise task lists with the Task Register
  • No two voyages are identical; generate ad hoc tasks unique to a particular voyage with their own responsibilities and due dates

Integrated Tasking Solution

  • Full ShipNet suite integration means tasks are automatically created when voyages are generated or port rotation is changed
  • Task Explorer provides ready access to relevant elements of the ShipNet application from the toolbar in its interface
  • See tasks related to a specific port call from the ShipNet Position Book.

Complete Management Visibility

  • Quickly and easily see the status of all tasks
  • Complete audit trail of changes made to task lists for any port call
  • Filter tasks by voyage, vessel, date or user
  • Full set of Key Performance Indicators covering both tasks and users
  • Insert comments on particular tasks, explaining decisions taken and allowing iterative improvements to standard task lists

ShipNet Task Manager, giving you complete control of vessel operation.