Marine Exchange

ShipNet’s Marine Exchange (MEX) is a web based industry standard transaction and data hub allowing principals and agents to readily carry out business in a seamless electronic environment. It is fully independent, and allows clients to use whichever services or applications they are familiar with.

The MEX platform is a fully independent data exchange system that integrates applications from different parties, allowing them to work together and minimizing the level of individual development required by each party. 

  • Seamless business to business transactions
  • Easy data collection and distribution
  • Transparent integration of outsourced services
  • User-friendly configuration
  • Fully configurable workflows
  • Easy integration using Web Services

Marine Exchange readily facilitates the following key services

  • Disbursement Account
  • Funding
  • Marine Exchange can also provide a ready central repository for information stored by individual principals and agents and allows them to share it with selected parties, facilitating collaboration.