Disbursement Management Solutions

Complete DA Process Outsourcing

Disbursement Management Solutions (DMS) is an independent outsourced service aimed at principals wanting to free their key operation resources to focus on prime activities by outsourcing the task of port disbursement processing to ShipNet. With Disbursement Management Services, ShipNet’s team of experienced DA Executives and Invoice Processors becomes the single point of contact for all the principal’s needs related to the disbursement accounting process. The team follows strict disbursement processes to ensure high standards of quality are maintained throughout the disbursement cycle and works with an online system enabling transparency and accessibility of information benefitting both principals and performing agents.

The Disbursement Management Solution can readily work with ShipNet's Marine Exchange platform, a web based transactional hub allowing seamless interaction between principals and agents. 

Our Disbursement Management Solution is an online system that enables full communication and delivery of documentation between principal and performing agents in the disbursement process. The system is designed to automate and optimize the workflow both from a principal and an agent's point of view, where both parties benefits from using the system.

Being workflow based, the system is easy to use and improves control while enabling a faster, more effective process